About Us


Welcome to The Joyful Jungle CLC Clawson Family!

Hello! We are so excited to have your family at our school. Below you will find all the information on how to be prepared for your child's first day with us and more!

At any time please feel free to email us with any questions at tbailey.joyfuljungle@gmail.com


Getting Started

At this point you have toured one of our schools, if not, hopefully soon! From here we are in the process of getting your family all set up to begin care with us. Once we have recieved your security deposit, go ahead and download ChildPilot.


ChildPilot is our main form of communication! This is where you can upload your family's/child's information needed for enrollment. As well as, upload all your enrollment documents too! This app is also our only form of parent to teacher communication, and where you will reiceve your daily report and photos from your child's day with us! 


Meet the classroom

Click on your child's classroom to view their Teacher Bio and Classroom Welcome packet!

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First Year of Education


As your family begins your first year of education with us, our communication with you will continue. We have quarterly conferences for parents to meet with teachers to discuss each child's development privately. We host company wide events, as well as, on-site locational events for parents to connect with other parents and teachers. Our events are important to us because this gives us a time to connect face to face with our families!

Some common questions we receive from new families regarding payments, illnesses, etc. You can find a little information in the link below about frequently asked questions! As always, if you have any additional questions please reach out to the director of your school.


Continued Education


Here at The Joyful Jungle CLC 2/4 of our core values are supportive and family. This is because we are here to be supportive in every step of your family's journey with us, and beyond. Although we've had many families grow from itty bitty infants to brave Kindergarteners, we still welcome everyone back! That is why we offer before and after care, as well as, an awesome summer camp program!