At The Joyful Jungle Christian Learning Center, we believe in a quality Christian early education experience. This is why we proudly teach the High Scope Curriculum. We believe children learn through play, building on their imaginations, developing relational skills and achieving academic success. We create learning environments that work with children at their level and give them gentle guidance to push them to the next level of learning.

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(Cozy Cubs and Happy Hippos)


Our infant classrooms (newborn to 1 year and walking) are designed to provide a home away from home. Our attentive nursery staff provides daily communication to give families peace of mind for our youngest learners. We know how hard it is to leave little ones with others, so building strong relationships between families and teachers is our number one priority. 

Young Toddlers
(Loving Lions and Marvelous Monkeys)


Our 1-year-old new movers love being a part of the young toddler environment. Our classrooms are designed with low furniture so children are able to begin their journey of independence. Our creative teaching teams provide children with many multi-sensory experiences to create a love for learning.  

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Older Toddlers
(Outstanding Owls and Perfect Parrots)


The older toddlers are a pre-preschool environment for 2 year old children where teachers provide opportunities to learn and explore in new and exciting ways. Children are given many materials to allow their creative juices to flow such as art, blocks, and science activities. Providing a quality learning environment is what makes our two year olds soar above the rest. 

(Terrific Turtles, Gentle Giraffes, and Zealous Zebras) 

Our preschoolers have a roaring good time. In our preschool classrooms, children are given a structured day with the flexibility to allow them to grow and learn at their individual pace. The teaching staff becomes a partner in our preschool learning environment, offering each child the courage to try new things and build on their existing skills. We provide an important stepping stone for learning.

Kindergarten Prep
(Fantastic Flamingos)


As a Kindergarten Prep student, 4/5-year-olds explore the world around them with a classroom that is accessible and available. Our teachers are educated and excited to have the opportunity to shape young minds. They are focused on giving each child their own individual learning opportunities and providing the necessary skills needed to be a successful kindergartner. 

Summer Camp
(School Age, Kindergarten-Middle School) 




Go into the WILD this summer on an unforgettable adventure your school-age student is sure to remember! This camp is designed for all school-age students who are ready to experience a summer, unlike the rest. We have many adventures planned packed full of learning and exploring, summer 2020 at The Joyful Jungle's Into The Wild-themed summer camp is going to be EPIC!

The Joyful Jungle 2020 Summer Camp began on Monday, June 15th, and ended on September 4th, 2020.