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What our teachers are saying:

I have been working at The Joyful Jungle for over 5 years. I love working here because we have a great supportive, family-like environment. All of the teachers really care about each other and are willing to help and comfort each other when someone's in need. I also love all of the extras that our amazing boss provides for us. She is always striving to get us to be better by offering in-house training, letting us know about outside training, being as flexible as possible with schooling and doing sweet little gestures for us around the holidays to let us know she cares. The Joyful Jungle is a truly great place to work.


~Mrs. Brittany M

Lead Preschool Teacher

The best part about working at the Joyful Jungle Christian Learning Center is the encouragement to be your best self. We all enjoy watching teachers grow in their careers and continue to learn the field of early childhood education. The staff is welcoming, helpful and friendly, and supports each other in all aspects. They have become more than co-workers, but rather family.  
~Ms. Brittany R
Lead Infant Teacher

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